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Entre Babia y la luna

«Up Valle del Luna, the traveler finds the first village of Babia, whose name seems to contribute to feeding that idyllic resonance that has become a metaphor for this land. It is called Villafeliz and it lies to the right of the road, dominating its small meadow from a gentle hill»

Story of Babia. Luis Mateo Díez

Cervantes Award 2023


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Entre Babia y la luna is located in the village of Villafeliz de Babia in the heart of the the natural Park of Babia y luna (also Biosphere reserve) and adjacent to four other Biosphere reserves (in León: Valles de Omaña y Luna y Valle de Laciana; in Asturias: Parque natural de las Ubiñas-La Mesa Parque natural de Somiedo)

If you want to discover Babia and its surroundings by foot, you have arrived to the right place!

We are part of the network of volunteer informants of the Babia y Luna Natural Park and we are Active Tourism Center (registration number CTA-LE-91) We will be happy to advise you on the best routes depending on your hiking skills, weather, etc

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